Social media and anxiety…do they mix?

Ok at the moment I feel a huge amount of stress and anxiety, all because of social media. I’ve had Facebook for years and it’s never really bothered me who read what I post or shared. Then I started my Instagram to show my poems and post inspirational quotes, not only for me but for others that might need a chin up.

But recently I have this anxiety of people seeing and judging. I think one of the reason was years ago I went through a time of not being a nice person (and I’m not sure if my past just made me feel angry or do stupid things) and now I have identified that I was probably a bitch to some people. This is where I think now that I worry those people I hurt will judge me for how I am today. I distance myself from those I don’t get on with so I’m not dragged into any conflict or dramas as I really don’t want any. I always question what I say and diagnose conversation  to my close friends on fear I may have said something unnecessary or deemed insensitive.

So my Facebook I have made completely private and my Instagram, but the point of my Instagram was to share with others and hope to help and help myself in the process also. I guess when I get new followers and they don’t interact it just make me question their reason for following. I mean I follow accounts because either it’s common interest or they are uplifting, but I’ll like the post and sometimes comment on them. I suppose everyone might use Instagram differently.

Now I feel like I just need to take a break from all social media until I’m mentally strong enough to carry on with it.

Does anyone else experience something similar? What is your take? Can someone who is quite a private person and has anxiety still have social media?


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