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Stay Strong 💪🏻

Hey it’s been a while since I published any poems or articles. So I thought I’d just say hi 👋 and hope all my followers and any future followers are ok and hope that you are all well.

Heres a quick motivational quote to keep you going and be positive.


Stay strong mentally and physically 💪🏻

Completion Of My Book

Well guys! As far as I’m aware my book is finished. And by that I mean I have written what needs to be written I just need to re read through it, alter a few things if need be and generally touch it up.


The only thing is now do I have the confidence to actually try and get it published because I worry so much about what people might think of it. I know I shouldn’t because it’s filled with all my emotions and parts of my life that no one knows. however it is still a daunting thing to do and I know people can be critical and give their opinions and reviews but talking about mental health can be a raw and sensitive subject and I wouldn’t want to upset anyone as that’s not what’s its about. It’s trying to help people in a way that I personally have been there with depression and anxiety and stress and I think there are ways that as an individual you can help yourself and take steps towards changing your life and turning it around, yes most also need professional help as did I to also help us on the way.


It has several of my poems in there too along with short articles about my personal experience and how we can try and change our lives to make us happier and to achieve what we need to achieve and live a life that we want to live.


Maybe the first step is to send it off to a publisher and see what they think? Never know it might not be what they want, but looking on the positive side, going through this it’s helped me to look back and think about my past and try and concentrate on the future before it too late.

Accept who you are…

Many settle for who they are and the life they lead. Some are happy with their choices whilst others complain of how their lives have turned out. You have a choice….stay with what you have or change it! Which ever makes you happy. But unless you make that first step towards changing nothing will change.

It may take time to get to where you want to be, you might have to re do certain things to get you back on the path but it’s all about persistence, patience and hard work.

Dont quit, don’t give up, keep going until you reach it.


Keep on Fighting…

Hi 👋 everyone sorry it’s been a while I’ve been mega busy at work and not had two minutes to myself to do anything.

So here’s a quick post to keep those that need a little motivation, positivity or just a word of encouragement.


still follow those dreams and goals, or don’t give up on what it might be that you think you can’t do. Don’t just sit back and let failure win-get up, take back control and complete what you started!

”Rome wasn’t built in a day” 🤔😉

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Take the leap & have faith.

“Don’t allow the negative thoughts of others, about you or your ideas come in the way of your own dreams.”

If you have a dream, a goal an idea but unsure of how others might react or think they might judge. Then yes they probably will..but! not all, there are always  the few that will. I can’t say why it maybe jealousy or they just don’t understand who knows. But it shouldn’t stop you from taking the steps in the right direction to accomplish what you chose to do.

I had reservations about opening up in my poems, allowing people to read parts of my life especially when I considered myself a private person. I worried what they might think, would they think they are rubbish? or I’m using them to for attention seeking?.

But in the end I just kept thinking of the future and my plans of what I wanted to achieve. So I started my blog and now an instagram account. I haven’t quite bit the bullet yet as I have gone under a slightly different name but as my confidence grows and I’m heading more into the right direction and I can see where it’s heading and my goals are being accomplished then I will hopefully be more exposed and open up more.

But if it wasn’t for the few that were positive towards me and urged me on I probably won’t be here now, so please take the steps and push yourself through. We have little knowledge of where situations takes us but if it’s going to improve our lives and benefit from it from all aspects then go for it.

There are over seven billion people in this world and what you do will touch and help just some of those…and yourself.

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United-Give a helping hand!

So this is just a small piece from one of my poems. Thought it made a nice statement/quote.


what do you guys think?




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