Waiting to Win the Lottery…make your own fortune, it be quicker!

We all sit there dreaming and wishing to win the lottery. Most of us religiously put our numbers on each week, in the hope that this week is our week to win. We do not dare to give up and not put on our numbers because ‘Sods Law’ kicks in, then we’ll kick ourselves.

We dream of what we will do when we win, who will get what, how to spend it, who to tell and that other stuff. Then what happens that the draw happens and we prey to every god possible we can name to let it be our numbers that coming rolling down that shoot. Many of us suffer the thought having to go back to work for at least another work until the next time. People have been doing this for years spending from that £1 to possible £10, £20 and more.

Now if you were to put all the money you ever spent on the lottery, you could have used it in so many other ways to help fund a new way of life or improve. You got to remember what the chances are of actually winning the lottery and the time it would take for you to eventually win it.

1 The money could have been used to fund an educational course that you could do that would have allow you to maybe do a part-time job or a new job in general with better pay or promotion.

2 If your already in a professional job with qualifications and experience already…you could use that money to create a website that you could pay less than £5 a month to set up and use it promote your own business, giving advice or service and eventually being self-employed.

3 Take up a new hobby like making jewellery for example (if your creative) and using the money that would have been spent on lottery to fund buying materials to make the jewellery then go on to sell them at a 200% profit. Using A website, selling to family friends first then going on to do private parties.

There is so much that the lottery money could be invested in, but some people are comfortable in their lifestyles and doing the lottery is merely just a “well if we win it would be great” whilst others probably are desperate to win as they think it would be the answer to all their prayers.

I spent so much time and money in just wanting nothing more to win the lottery to give me the lifestyle I want and for years, I’ve dreamt every detail of how my life would be and prayed for it. I have now realised if I want that lifestyle, I need to get off my backside and do something about it. It takes effort, time and hard work to achieve goals…and you know what? the rewards will be making the income that will help go towards the lifestyle that I crave for.

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