Beauty Tip #5


We all get them whatever our age or gender, this myth about “oh we’ll grow out of them” oh yeah when? once were dead?

So many of you might know you shouldn’t squeeze them because they can scar, but personally I’d rather have a small sore than a big lump filled with pus on my face. So I personally squeeze them.  Here’s my way of doing it that reduces soreness and scarring.

  1. Wash your face with a mild scrub to get rid of the dead skin
  2. Open your pores by leaning over a bowl or  sink of hot water with  your head covered to steam your face (don’t burn yourself)
  3.  Using two cotton buds place them at the side of the spot and squeeze down and under the spot gently, you may have to re position around the spot and squeeze, so that you don’t break the skin
  4. Hopefully the spot will burst and you should have a nice clean hole from the pus and the reaming skin unbroken
  5. Put a little sudocrem to help with redness

Happy popping.

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