Animals & Humans Aren’t We all One?

Today I’ve witnessed a horrible act of a Human being  inflicting cruelty not only on others, but also on animals.

If there is one-act of cruelty I can not stand it is the pain, suffering and torture that these selfish pathetic so-called humans can inflict on a poor defenseless animal. What has human society come too when being cruel to a living animal can become fun and entertaining? Why do they do it? Is it because they lack education, have developed mental issues due to  a severe up bringing as a child? Or is it just pure evil and just showing off with their friends or on social media websites.

When ever any human being tortures, murders or physically and mentally inflicts pain on another, you would expect that they pay for their crimes, that they are trialed and sentenced. Sometimes the punishment does not fit the crime, and many are left to re offend. What happens to these offenders that act out cruelty on animals? They often (and not always get caught) just get a fine, banned from keeping animals and sometimes may serve a very little jail sentence.

Animal Welfare Act 2006 – Findlaw Uk

Animal taken away or Banned

up to ÂŁ20,000 fine or

Max 51 week Imprisonment

Why should carrying out acts of cruelty carry two different types of punishments regardless if it’s done to an animal or another human?

GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm)

“Anybody deemed to unlawfully and maliciously wound or inflict GBH on another person, shall be guilty.”

GBH carries a sentence of no more than five years.

Like us animals have fear, they feel pain, and like most victims of crime they are defenseless. Surely we can all be classed as animals – we just happen to be a more advanced superior species that have developed throughout time and become the creatures that we are, the so-called Human Race. The Human Race that has devoted to making killing machines, creating illegal and legal substances that harm us and others. Then there is Money (the root of all evil) it creates greed and many want to profit from what ever they can, no matter whom it may hurt in the process. We are destroying acres of woods, forestry and rain forests to build  bigger construction sites to cater for the ever-growing population or building complexes. With this, natural habitats are being destroyed, forcing wild animals to flee and find new homes, some don’t survive and many have to adapt finding new food source.

People complain about Foxes, Raccoon’s, Badgers all destroying livestock or rummaging through the towns and gardens. So how do they react? shoot them! or start-up a cull. Disgusting –  you forget it was MAN that destroyed their home! MAN that got rid of the their natural environment, where they need to hunt for food. You forget these animals are wild, hence that is why they kill your chickens, sheep’s etc and eat from the bins for scraps of food. They are surviving  in a world were it is being turned into a place for humans to live and not animals.

Global warming is killing off our Polar Bears, Penguins, Arctic Foxes and Cats. Just because you do not see them everyday does not mean they don’t exist! well keep going and they soon will be. What is going to happen in centuries to come? Wild animals will be extinct and future generations will have nothing more than photo’s and book s to learn and see these beautiful creatures that once shared our planet.

So then what? The population expands, the Earth gets smaller and the human race will turn on each other for survival.

I applaud the countless animal charities that work tirelessly to not only keep endangered animals safe from poachers, but also the animal rescue charities that re home and bring back to life abandoned domestic animals, that are discarded like an unwanted household item. These pets that you have taken in are your family. You don’t need to give birth or marry to create a family. Adoption is also what we do to extend out family for many reasons whether it’s adopting a child or animal. You chose to adopt and bring that life into your lives, to nurture, to teach, to love, to be there for them. You wouldn’t after a year or two  throw a toddler out on the street or tie them to a tree in the hope of someone may take them in. All because you have decided you don’t want them anymore. So what makes it so different for an animal? To be abandoned in all kinds of horrible ways.

I have very little faith in the human society, even more so with the sheer amount of animal cruelty I see on social media. I would like to say I just hope one day all evil and greed in this world will be wiped out and leave all those that just want peace and serenity and to live side by side and share this planet with animals. However I know that this will never happen, and I pray for those that are unfortunate enough in becoming victims of cruelty and thank those that do an amazing job looking after and protecting the beautiful animals we still have.



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