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So today I managed to get 7 pages written. It’s funny when you start to write what you have in mind then actually as you write you end up writing something completely different and ends up better than what you had planned.

I am pretty much almost there, roughly I would say another 7 pages. It will hit the 7500 word count that apparently it what is roughly expected for a short book. Although once I read through I’m sure more ideas will come to me to add into it.

I am still debating whether to add pictures as with my blogs I find adding photos kind of makes the poem seem more realistic and meaningful if you but the two together adding more depth?

what do you guys think?

I was thinking either photos or drawings? I have someone in mind who is very talented in drawing in black and white so maybe this could work?

I am unsure as well if when you send your manuscript off to the publisher, do they want the photos in as well or is that something you add into the information part of submitting. I’d like to hear back from anyone who has done this for a bit of guidance and advice.

So for now I will keep going at it hopefully a few more weeks until it’s finished.

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