Hard work does pay off

It’s true what they say, hard work and persistent does pay off.

Since starting my blog site again back in January it was supposed to be article writings of everyday life and dramas. Somehow it’s ending up becoming a journey about opening up about my mental health and expressing my feeling through poems. And being more positive and helping others.

I’ve always been quite spiritual but often get caught up in all the negative dramas, always looking on the negative side of things. I have started to try and look more positive at situations and asking myself “what can I do about it”? Instead of sitting here moaning about it, feeling devalued. So whilst my blogs are mainly about my journey past and presents, poems and now inspirational and motivational quotes it led me to start an Instagram account, just so I can reach out to a larger audience for those that don’t wish to sit and read an entire article but just looking for quick pick me up for the start of the day or if they need that little bit of motivation or encouragement to  get up and do something that they always wanted to do or try something new.

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Now I’m not at all up to date with all the social media side of things, I get Facebook, but Twitter I still can’t get my head around it and Instagram just seemed to be uploading photos-simple

! Mmm wrong you got hash tags, re-posts, double tap for like, and to actually reach out to your audience you need to post quite a bit for them to notice you. So now all my spare time is used creating and posting photos and quotes as well as keeping my blog site up to date and letting you lovely people know what I’ve been up to.

Doing my Instagram like I said has actually taken over a little bit, I look at others and see all those other people who have thousands of followers and there they have hundreds of post all neatly organised, patterned or they have a theme, were as I just post what comes to me at the time no real thought about how it looks as a whole. I have a few followers’ and yes I’ve lost some too, I’m not sure why? Maybe my page isn’t what they thought it was, maybe I’m not posting enough? I don’t know.  I do know that if I had started years ago I probably would have given up because I’m not getting enough followers, not many are really interacting with me I would have maybe posted stuff that I think they wanted. Actually now though as I’ve learnt not to people please that actually it’s my Instagram page, I have to keep reminding myself, these other pages have probably been going for years and eventually has built up content and followers. So it’s going to take time to get to that stage.

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I have come to accept that what I post some will like-others won’t, and if people like it then I’m happy that there are people out there that appreciate my work and that I hope it inspires them in some way or another.  I’m not going to fall into the trap of changing to it what I think people want to see, it’s never going to happen who knows what people truly want, If what I post gives them a option and I won’t be offended if they don’t get it. I question myself what am I doing wrong to not get many followers compared to other pages, but recently I’ve had some good positive feedback about how my Instagram page is amazing and inspiring and full of good content-which is all I ever wanted really. It tells me what I’m doing is right and it’s having the effect that I asked for. So it’s good to hear when all your hard work and not giving up is paying off. I’m not sure where this is all leading too but I know in the meantime I love writing my blogs, my poems and posting my quotes. Its helping (not always we are human) me stay calm, positive and encouraging me to continue.

So whatever it is that you are doing, if you’re feeling at a lost or it feels like it’s going nowhere, don’t give up, it will all click in eventually.


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