Looking for Courage

Ok guys it’s been a while but I’ve been pondering over this decision for weeks and I’m honestly confused as to what is the best thing to do? That and I think I need some serious courage.

As most will know my poems are based on my experiences on life and with my dealings with mental health. Well with that I wrote a short book containing my poems and sent them off to several publishers (never imagining for a second they would get in touch). Anyway some have got back and think highly of it! Now the cost of self publishing is an issue as you need proofreading and editing and formatting and of course the printing, or you can go with a publication house which some will offer to pay for all of the publishing or you pay a contribution towards having the book published.

Now here are my dilemmas, one I need to raise funds – so I set up Go Fund Me (cringe face) after debating for weeks whether to or not! As I’m not sure if funding for a book to be published is accepted, but turns out others have done it and some have been successful and others not. So I set one up!

Secondly I am shit scared of actually thinking that all my family and friends will see this Go fund me page and bombard me with questions to which I’m not keen on. I feel like I might be judged in some way about my poems. When they read my book will they get it or not get it. So with that I’ve not actually shared it on my Facebook to avoid the questioning. Which is ironic because I keep telling myself and others not to care what others think but here  I am still debating which road to go down?

So do I brave it and post on Facebook to aid my chances of raising the funds? Or forget all hope in having it published.

Personally for me it’s about having something that I’ve achieved that can be used to inspire my children and others to work towards something and keep going.

So what do you guys think? Facebook or not? And would you object if I was put my link here to possibly help share my story?


Here is my link to my Instagram and my link for the Go Fund Me page is in my BIO.

Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_inspirational_pen/





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