Like the dark closing in

you begin to creep within,

always there lurking in background

never too far you can always be found.

Not that your welcome

or a joy to have near,

but rather a burden

That only brings fear.

The trouble you cause

the stress and the doubts,

has a lasting effect

there is no way out.

Even when situations seem so innocent,

you always turn it around,

where I question my actions

and try to seek reassurance

that nothing bad is going to happen.

Time passes by

and as quickly as you appeared you begin the disappear.

You slip right back to where you reside,

until you decide when you should reappear.

You leave a trail of destruction

destroying all confidence.

It like riding a whirlwind

full of different emotions.

Left with a knot in my stomach my mind is in overdrive,

replaying it over again, is this really my life?

Gripping at those comforting words

that are spoken with reason,

only time will be tell

If what you say is treason.

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