My Story

Hi welcome to my blog site and thank you for visiting. I run two blogs sites. My first one is “All things girly” Which covers Beauty, Health, Diets, Relationship etc. My second site being  “The Art of Life”. This pretty much covers life in general. I started out blogging about writing about anything in general that would particularly come to mind, and somehow ended up writing poems. The poems particularly cover dealing with Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety and how I came cope with it and using poetry to express how I felt.  I don’t consider myself a poet or philosopher but I like to express my feelings and somehow they end up coming out as poetic. I now try to look positively on all aspects of life, to take the chances and see what happens instead of being stuck in a rut. No point moaning about your situations if your not going to help yourself. So I hope my articles and poems can inspire and allow others to relate and hopefully help in any way.

So  I’m a full time working mum, keeping shit together and escaping daily woes through blogging. I love to hear from you guys and feedback would be wonderful.

I hope that you enjoy my articles, blogs or posts, as I am sure I will have fun writing them 👍🏻


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